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Tumblr Fame.

I am just wondering why some people have to be big headed about their status. Tumblr famous? Really? Awesome. But the fact that you tell people when you post when you get lots of notes? That’s overdoing it. Most of your followers are people who only follow you because of your looks or because you follow someone they follow. And guess what? They hope that you follow them back so they can post “omg he/she is following me.” Why am I doing this? Good question. When you mistreat someone who asks you a good, genuine, question just because you think  you’re better than them or have power over them because you have more followers, I get upset. When you post a half naked picture of yourself and ask a stupid ass question like, “Am I sexy? :*” You just look like even more of an attention seeker, and that’s the thing, you’re all nothing but attention seekers. You put yourself out there grabbing everyone’s attention saying you’re already tumblr famous when some of you probably aren’t, or post all of the other tumblr famous people’s posts, or take nudes in hopes that people start following. You put yourself on the site that mainly consists of reblogs by friends about things they like who don’t give a damn about anything, and then you’re not happy because you’re not famous? Seriously. It’s fucking ridiculous how much you all boast about how many followers you have or how popular you are. That is fucking retarded. Should my opinion matter, not at all. I’m just giving my two cents and want to express how I feel. So please just shut the fuck up about numbers. It’s a blog website, I get that. But bragging about how popular you are and thinking you’re better than someone else based on followers and making fun of/being unnecessarily rude to everyone who isn’t “tumblr famous” is just ridiculous.

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